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Maui coastline. by Ron Chapple

Art of the Title Sequence: Drive (2011) / Taxi Driver (1976) Comparison

Two films about lonely protagonists who drive around the city in a neo-noir setting trying to find a sense of worth. Both fall for extremely attractive blondes and both films also feature Albert Brooks too!
Many comparisons can be made for both films but their main differences in themes, story and character lie in the opening title sequences of each film.
While Drive is set in Los Angeles, the city itself does not play a huge part in shaping the geography of the film. It certainly allows for some gorgeous cinematography and moments that inspire cinematic magic but it is not essential to the film’s story which is prefaced by the many shots of the Driver.
 Taxi Driver, on the other hand, relies on various etheral-like shots of New York City at street level which is then intercut with extreme close-ups of Travis Bickle’s eyes. This dreamy sequence lets the audience know that New York is as crucial to the story and development of Travis’ character and that we are seeing the film the same way Travis does.